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Veronica- vera icon, a true image

Babygrrrl, this world is full of beauty, but also danger.

And Black at Grrrl is one of the hardest intersections. 

This world is not made for/safe for you, grrrl. 


Whiteness circling and closing in, a hateful thing –

its smiling mouths with sharp-as-lynching teeth consuming

and all the while smiling- unaware that its sustenance is your misery.


When it’s most terrifying , you will find yourself with only yourself to comfort you. 

To must learn patience, and the ability to sit with your own self. 

To soothe, to cope, to mother, to counsel your own damned self. 

Because, in the end- the only person you can fully trust to love your black grrrl self 

                                                                                 is your own black grrrl self.

We don’t show up alone, of course. You carry your ancestors with you

………. but yours? Their hopes and dreams and fears.?

You are the child of building someone else’s dream while deferring your own

A child of being stolen/redlined/pimped/exploited/displaced/raped/lynched

trauma is in your blood

but trauma is not your legacy

Your legacy is resilience

Your legacy is Dignity

Your legacy is Knowing That White Supremacy Wins and Walking In Your Divinity Anyway.

Babygrrrl, learn to admire the Crazy Black Lady  Angry Black Lady, Black Bitch

Make friends with her. These are Black Grrrls who are Doing It Right. 

This is where you have to remember the truth of who you are.

Remember your name, Veronica. Vera Icon. True Image.


You are The Truth.
You are Connection to Other Worlds

You are the dreams and aspirations of your ancestors
Black Grrrl, you are Divine

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