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The:  As in there’s only one, motherfucker

Lady: As in I conduct myself with a well-earned grace

Ms. : As in I’m a grown ass womanist

Vagina: ….yeah, I said it

Jenkins:  of the Hampton County Jenkins’


Names are/naming is the most personal and powerful thing we own. Our people name us, pinning their hopes and dreams and expectations to us. Your family name, your nickname, your pet name, your given name, your chosen name….

The phrase “fake name” has started to become so triggering to me. People say “fake name” like you aren’t allowed to choose your own destiny. People say “fake name” in a way that suggests a terror at the prospect of any shift in identity. People say “fake name” like being trustworthy means a contract to never change……….to never grow……to never heal.

In the age of social media, when internet is community- even for Big City queers like me- I got booted off facebook for using a “fake name.”

Even in queer community it’s “Vagina?!?!? That’s not your REAL name!”

                                   “What kinda name is Vagina?!”

                                                                     “Did your momma name you THAT?!”

I named myself. I named for myself beauty and strength.

I named, for myself, wholeness and healing

I named, for myself, the value in being a conduit to the Divine


I named myself The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins

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