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My momma used to say that omissions are lies.

And I try to never lie, poorpeopleshonor.

Except……the world is transactional , but you hafta pretend its not, OK?

Like the way you say you were up, waiting for him/the way you fake cum through slitted eyes cuz you don’t close your eyes around him/the way you say “I don’t wanna get pregnant”, when what you mean is “my body can’t take another dose of metronidazole”

I am not hungry, I am not sick, I am not broke. I am not renting by the week.  

Instead I am in love, overcome with desire….and every offering is a happy surprise.

                                                                                 Rent money?!?! For me?!

It’s always pretending, always performing, learning to read a man like learning a new appliance.

What makes him relax?

                                                  what makes him smile?

                                                                              what makes him come?

                                                                               What makes him leave?

It’s learning that they are more similar than they are different.

The danger is in pattern recognition.

The danger is in learning to trust not what people say,

                                                       but the typical and true-to-pattern ways in which they behave.

The danger is we are all mammals.

And even in the midst of lies of omission and transactional intimacies ,

                                                                                              our bodies touch and our souls overlap.  you can wash your pussy, but the softness of someone else’s need stains and stays.

what do you do with that?

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